The Complete SEO Audit Guide For Small Business Owners And The Best Tools To Use In The Industry By SEO Experts In 2023

We know that dipping your toes into the vast ocean of SEO can feel intimidating, especially for small business owners. Trust us, we get it – we’ve rolled up our sleeves and dived deep into research to uncover effective strategies.

In this blog post, we’re spilling the secrets on performing an advanced SEO audit and embracing the best tools available in 2023 to amplify your online visibility. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in together, as we explore these game-changing techniques!

Google SEO Audit 2023

Importance of SEO Audit for Small Business Owners

As small business owners, SEO audits are key to our success. An advanced SEO audit for small business keeps your website pure and strong. It helps you break down complex issues into bite-sized steps.

This empowers us to know what needs fixing on the site.

In 2023, SEO is a big deal for most marketers, as shown by facts. Almost 61% of them put it at the top of their list! Not giving proper attention to SEO can hurt your site’s performance.

A high amount of websites – about 90.63%, see less traffic due to poor engagement with visitors.

Doing an SEO audit lets you spot these problems early on. You get a clear path towards better search engine optimization audit results and more web traffic.

Types of SEO Audits

As small business owners, it’s crucial to focus on three primary types of SEO audits for optimal website performance: Technical SEO audit to analyze the technical aspects such as website load speed and security; On-page SEO audit, which scrutinizes your page content, keywords usage, headers, and meta tags; Off-page SEO Audit that evaluates factors outside your website like backlinks and social signals.

These audits together provide a comprehensive overview of where you stand in terms of search engine optimization.

Technical SEO Audit

In a Technical SEO Audit, we check out your website’s tech side. This has to do with how well search engines can read and rank your site. It makes sure all web pages are found and ranked right by search engines.

We make sure nothing stops search engines from finding your stuff online.

This type of audit helps us find bugs that might hurt your ranking. A more advanced SEO audit for small business checks code and server mistakes too. These steps help boost the site’s position in 2023 SEO audits results.

A regular technical SEO audit keeps the website up-to-date with best ways to get top ranks on search engine lists.

On-page SEO Audit

An on-page SEO audit is a key step. It looks at how well a website uses SEO tools on its pages. Small business owners should do this to see ways to get their site noticed more in search results.

This audit checks words, links, and tags that help people find your site online. In 2023, experts are using top tools for the best SEO audits. These check if each page has the right things to pull in web traffic.

They make sure each word and link will boost who sees your site when they search online for what you offer.

Off-page SEO Audit

Let’s dive into off-page SEO audit. It checks all steps you take outside your website to boost its rank on search engines. This kind of audit seeks out and studies backlinks from other sites to yours.

A good number of high-quality backlinks point to a well-trusted site by search engines! Please note, not all backlinks are useful. Some may hurt your site if they come from poor quality or shifty sites.

So, part of an off-page SEO audit is taking away bad links too.

Key Elements to Include in an SEO Audit

Navigating the digital landscape can be daunting, but not when you’re armed with the right SEO audit elements! From scrutinizing your URL structure and site speed to analyzing metadata and backlinks, we’ll delve into how these key factors play a pivotal role in enhancing your business’s online visibility.

Brace yourself for an enlightening journey into image optimization that’s set to revolutionize your marketing strategy like never before. Sounds exciting? Stay tuned as we unravel more secrets on this crucial subject!

URL structure

We know that URL structure is a key part of any SEO audit. A good URL helps your site rank better in search. It also makes it easy for people to find what they need on your website.

Making URLs SEO-friendly is our goal. This means we keep them short and simple. We use words that tell users about the page’s content, not numbers or codes. We also put relevant keywords into the URL to boost its ranking power on search engines like Google.

Site speed

Site speed plays a big role in how well your site does. People like fast sites. If your site is slow, they may leave. Our SEO audit looks at things that can make a site slow, like big images or code that isn’t working right.

We also see if there are problems with the server. This can also make a site slow. Google has a tool we use to see how we can make our pages load faster on your website. From our audit, you will know how fast or slow your site is compared to other sites out there.


Backlinks are key in SEO audits. They help search engines see how good your content is. If many sites link to you, that’s a sign of quality. Yet, almost two-thirds of all pages have no backlinks at all! So we need to work on this.

We must aim for “followed” backlinks from new websites each month. This will boost our rank and performance in 2023!

Image optimization

Images can do more than just look good. We use image optimization as a key part of our SEO audit for a small business. This helps your website run faster and rank higher in search results.

Search engines like Google look at image tags to improve SEO. By using tools like Semrush’s Site Audit, we can find and fix any images missing alt text. The right keywords in these tags can boost your site’s visibility on the web.

Make sure all images are relevant, have the correct size, and carry proper names and tags for best results.

Metadata analysis

We look at metadata in our SEO audits. It shows what a webpage is about. Using tools, we check the page titles and meta descriptions on each webpage. This helps us see if they are right or need some changes.

A good title and description can make people click on your website from a search engine’s results page. So, it’s really important to get it right! We use best practices to improve these parts of your webpages with an SEO audit.

Top SEO Audit Tools for Small Businesses in 2023

Uncover the power of industry-leading SEO audit tools that are specially designed for small businesses in 2023. Ready to unlock enhanced website performance, traffic and conversions with SEMrush, SE Ranking, Serpstat, and more? Dive deeper with us into this transformative world of SEO.


SEMrush stands out as a top-level SEO audit tool. In 2023, it shines for small businesses. This tool boasts many features that help fine-tune your website. Its SEO Writing Assistant checks readability and tone of your content.

It also looks for fresh ideas to make sure the content is new. It’s easy to use and a great way to get higher search engine scores.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking shines as a top pick for small businesses in 2023. We find it to be the best low-cost SEO software. This tool helps with keyword researchcompetitor checks, and rank tracking like a pro.

It’s easy to use and light on the wallet, perfect for us small business owners, bloggers, and website runners. With SE Ranking by our side, we can boost our website’s place in search results.

It’s everything we need in one spot for strong SEO tactics!


Serpstat is a top SEO audit tool for small businesses. It helps users with keyword research, SEO research, PPC research, and batch analysis in 2023. You can use it to check how your website is doing online.

The Serpstat Backlink Analysis Tool stands out among the big SEO trends of 2023. This tool makes it easy to know who is linking to your site. With Serpstat, you get better at making content people want to see.

Your website will be easier to find on the web thanks to this smart program.


Moz is a top tool for SEO audits in 2023. It helps small businesses grow. It gives tips on good keywords and shows how your site works. You can make your website better with what you learn from Moz.

Using Moz, you will rank high in online searches.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a must-have tool in 2023. This tool used to go by the name Webmaster Tools. It tracks your website’s performance on Google. We can use it to make sure our content works well.

With this tool, we can get better rankings and more people will see our site on search engines. Use Google Search Console if you own a small business!

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is a must-have for us. It gives four big tools in one pack. You get Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. These tools help to do many things.

We can track our page rank with ease. We can check how well our site works and fix what’s wrong. With SEO SpyGlass, we see what our competition does right so we can do it too. LinkAssistant helps us find good links to boost our site even more! What’s best? This toolset will not leave your pockets empty.


SpyFu is a tool we love. It’s one of the best for SEO audits in 2023. Why do we think it’s great? It helps make our sites better seen and checks out our rivals.

It finds where our SEO falls short and fixes it. This boosts how Google sees us! SpyFu looks at more than 200 things Google loves to rank sites high or low. It has cool features like keyword ranks, backlink tracking, and PPC research.

Take SpyFu for a spin if you haven’t yet. We believe you’ll find it as handy as we do for small businesses working on their SEO game in 2023.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a handy tool for SEO. It lives on your desktop, not in the cloud like some others. This tool lets us look at our site through the eyes of Google’s spider bot. We can spot technical bits that need fixing with it.

With Screaming Frog, we get help crawling our website to study its SEO setup better.


Lumar stands among the top SEO audit tools for small businesses this year. We can pull data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics with ease. The Lumar Analyze tool gives many audit options for seasoned SEO webmasters.

This makes Lumar one of our best picks for a business owner’s SEO audit in 2023. Plus, new users find Lumar easy to use and the cost is good for small businesses too.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a tool we use for SEO, marketing, and audits. We love that it’s based in the cloud. It helps us with keyword researchbacklink checks, and looking into our competitors.

The best part is that it keeps track of our rank on search engines. Lots of digital marketing teams and folks who know SEO inside out pick Raven Tools from all other tools out there.

Small businesses can get a lot from this tool because it offers full-blown SEO audits and reports. They always keep their product reviews fresh to guide small businesses in picking the right tools for their needs.

Benefits of Using SEO Audit Tools

Investing in SEO audit tools offers numerous perks such as enhanced website performance and optimized content. These adjustments significantly improve your keyword rankings, leading to a boost in website traffic – an essential aspect of business growth.

Improved website performance

Fast sites win. They catch more clicks, keep visits longer, and convert better. That’s why SEO tools help a lot with website speed. These tools show what slows a site down. It may be too many large photos or codes that need fixing.

Fix these issues to make the site faster and easier for search engines to read it. Users love fast sites too. So, making a site speedy won’t only boost its rank but also turn more visitors into buyers!

Optimized content

We know how key optimized content is. It makes a site show up when people search for things on the web. SEO audit tools help us make our content better. They give us data and tips to use in our work.

We then use these to make sure our site shows up in search results. The more we do this, the higher we rank on search pages and the more people visit our site!

Better keyword rankings

SEO audit tools boost keyword rankings. They find the right words to use on a site. These are words people type in search boxes. High-ranking keywords make a site easy to find. This brings more people to the site.

SEO tools keep track of these keywords for us. We can see if we need to change our words or not at any time based on their rank score.

Increased website traffic

We love it when more people visit our sites. SEO tools can boost traffic in big ways. They help us find the best words to use on our site. These are the words people type into Google when they’re looking for something.

SEO tools also tell us what parts of our site work well and what parts need help. This lets us make changes that pull in more visitors. And not just any visitor, but those who really want what we offer.

It’s like having a map that leads right to success! We all want a busy website – SEO tools can get us there.

How to Choose the Right SEO Audit Tool

Choosing the right SEO audit tool involves assessing its competitive features, understanding its ease of use or user-friendliness, evaluating its integration capacity with other tools you are using, and comparing pricing options to ensure it fits within your budget.

Competitive features

SEO audit tools can offer a lot. Some will give you tips for better keywords. Others can help fix your site’s technical issues. Many have a mix of both, plus more! We need to pick the tool that beats others in what matters most to us.

For example, KWFinder is great when we need good keyword ideas. If we want data straight from Google, then having a tool like Google Search Console is best. Pick the top player in your needed area! This way you will get the most out of it.


We place a high value on user-friendliness. This is key in any SEO audit tool we choose. It should have an easy-to-use interface. A clear layout makes tasks simple and fast. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool is a good example of this.

It helps us test how mobile-friendly our website is with ease. Tools like Ahrefs, noted by Forbes Advisor as the best overall, also stand out due to their easy navigation and usage for diverse users.

Integration capacity

Integration means how well a tool works with others. A good SEO audit tool must work well with different platforms and apps. For instance, Raven Tools uses Google Data Studio to give clear reports.

The tools should play nicely with the systems you already use. This makes your work easier and faster. Think about this as you make your choice for an SEO audit tool.


We know that cost matters. SEO tools can range from $200 to $500 each month. Each tool comes with its own price tag. It’s up to us to find the best one for our budget. Sometimes, more money means better service and strategies.

But this is not always true. We also need to think about how much a website audit will cost us. Let’s make sure we pick an SEO plan that fits our needs and our wallet!

The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist for 2023

Paving the path to success, our Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist for 2023 is your small business’s definitive roadmap for executing a comprehensive and results-driven audit. Dive in to discover granular insights on every crucial aspect of Technical, On-page and Off-page SEO audits.

Intrigued? Keep reading, there’s much more ahead!

Technical SEO Audit Checklist

Technical SEO Audit Checklist is a tool we use. The checklist helps small business owners see what they need to fix on their site.

It’s part of the Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist for 2023 which also includes On-page and Off-page checklists. This full guide helps in making sure all parts of a website work well.

On-page SEO Audit Checklist

An on-page SEO audit is a key part of our work. We look at how we use words and data on the site. Our goal here is to help the website show up better in search results.

First, we focus on what words are used on the site. These may be single words or groups of words. This helps us know what people might type into a search box to find this page. Then, we look at metadata – that’s information about the page itself.

Using an easy guide and checklist can make this job simpler! The good news? You don’t need to fix everything all at once after your audit. Take care of big issues first, then move onto smaller ones when you have some time.

Off-page SEO Audit Checklist

We spend time on our Off-page SEO Audit Checklist. We check links that come to our website from others. It is key to make sure these links work and are good. This keeps search engines like Google happy with us.

But, we don’t stop there! We also look at social media shares and mentions about us online. All this helps our site do well in search results. If we find any problems, we fix them right away! That’s how we keep getting better and doing well on the internet.


You now have the tools to make your site better. These tips will help you get noticed by search engines. Pick the right SEO tool that fits your needs and budget. Remember, a good SEO audit can help grow your business in 2023! Get in touch with our team at Ironball Marketing to find out if an SEO Audit is a good fit for your brand – Contact Us.

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