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Stage 1

Getting To Know Your Business

  1. Client Questionnaire – The most important step before we do any SEO campaign is taking the time to understand your business, industry and your overall marketing goals.
  2. Analytics Audit – A complete audit of your Google Analytics account (if you have one), will provide all the details needed to understand your current state of online marketing.
  3. Industry Field – Every industry requires a different approach. Time is taken to identify the best marketing channel for your field.
  4. Technical Website Audit – A website audit is performed to find underlying issues that need to be taken care of before starting any SEO or marketing campaign.
  5. Research The Competition – Analyzing your competition lets us know where you stand in your industry and will help us plan your road to success.
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Stage 2

Planning Your Success

  1. Keyword Research – Our team uses powerful tools to detect the most important search engine keywords for your online presence. These keywords will be used to develop topical content and drive traffic to your website.
  2. Target Audience Persona – Understanding the persona of your target audience will determine which marketing channel is best suited for your campaign.
  3. Competitive Link Audit – A backlink audit report will provide a great starting point for your link building campaign. Matching your competition is the first step to outranking them.
  4. Current Opportunities – Tracking your websites current rankings will show your pages that are already ranking well in the search engines. These are the easiest pages to target first that will provide you with a fast traffic source.
  5. Content Topics – Topical content not only drives traffic but also shows the search engines that your website is relevant to the user’s search terms.
  6. Link Calendar Creation – Your campaign timeline starts here. Mapping out how many links we aim to build per month.
  7. Content Calendar Development – Great content is needed in order to gain links. Adding your content plan to your campaign timeline is another major milestone.

Stage 3

Final Adjustments

  1. Execute Technical Updates – Any errors previously found in your website analysis will be updated at this point to ensure your website is performing without errors.
  2. Implement Analytics Updates – Your Google Analytics account is optimized for your specific campaign. This is crucial to track the performance of your campaign.
  3. Launch Content Marketing Campaign – The start of publishing your content begins. Publishing content in the right channels for your specific niche will provide website traffic and natural backlinks.
  4. Create Personas For Outreach – Personal profiles are created on behalf of your business for link building outreach. This increases the success of your link building campaign.
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Stage 4


  1. Organic Content Promotion – Hoping that the world finds your content is not enough in today’s online world. Content has to be organically promoted to drive high traffic sources such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook and other industry relevant forms.
  2. Skyscraper Content Outreach – Our link building experts find content similar to yours and contact website owners for permission to post content on their website in return for backlinks.
  3. Ongoing Link Outreach – Your content is continually added to the guest posts, sponsored posts and niche websites to build up a website authority over time.
  4. Link Building Campaigns – Our team reaches out to reporters, places infographics, product reviews and places your brand as a respected authority figure in your industry.
  5. Campaign Review – Your monthly report will show how your campaign timeline and the success it will bring your brand.

How do You Beat Your Competition?

the strategist always kills the tactician

It’s not only about your business. We have to consider everyone else in the market. This knowledge is used in our strategies. You won’t simply perform well measured against last month’s sales figures. You can outperform everyone in your field.

Our strategies get you ahead of everyone

What works for others won’t work for you. Our strategy for you will be customized by following our simple, proven steps.



Firstly, we assess your website’s structure, number of pages, indexation behavior and link portfolio and conduct a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape that shapes your industry online. We leave no stone unturned, really digging-deep to find out exactly what your competitors are up to. We then benchmark your site’s profile and performance against the competition.



Based on our assessment, we carefully draft a strategy that exposes your competitors’ weaknesses and put a plan in place, to first – close the gap, and then crush the competition. This involves a variety of tactics – from obtaining their back link portfolio, to finding out their most profitable key phrases. We go the extra mile every time, as this is where 95% of other SEO agencies get it all wrong.



As they say, “vision without execution is hallucination”. So we waste no time in putting the wheels in motion and executing our groundbreaking strategy. We put the man-hours in needed to get you phenomenal results. Our intuitive online reports gives you 24/7 access to the progress of your campaign.
“Ironball Marketing ranked us to the number one spot, for our number one keyword “Custom Aquariums Edmonton ” in less than 8 weeks! Amazing service, consistently interested our business and more to the point, they know their stuff…”
Mike, Urban Oceans

Do browsing consumers find you online?

With 94% of people first searching online before committing to a sale, you can’t ignore the importance of drawing Google traffic. And Google AdWords is not enough. You’re still missing 85% of consumers.

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