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We can make this promise. And we have proof it can be done with actual data, not just sales talk. Unlike others who offer empty promises, we can get you on page one of Google using our advanced SEO strategies.

SEO improve sales

Because your profits are most important

We know rankings only get you so far. Choosing us as your Edmonton SEO Company, you will see an improvement in sales and conversions. And this only happens if your visitors turn into conversions. Because we direct the right kind of traffic to your site you’re guaranteed these conversions. What is SEO? Find out more here.

Edmonton SEO Company
SEO Company in Edmonton

We Don’t Offer Empty Promises

And Our Results Prove this

Our strategies ensure your website results outperform others. This is possible because we stay one step ahead of Google. This requires many strategies and we harness the power of all the tactics we know. This way you can withstand competition and search engine changes & come out victorious.

How do You Beat Your Competition?

the strategist always kills the tactician

It’s not only about your business. We have to consider everyone else in the market. This knowledge is used in our strategies. You won’t simply perform well measured against last month’s sales figures. You can outperform everyone in your field.

Our strategies get you ahead of everyone

What works for others won’t work for you. Our strategy for you will be customized by following our simple, proven steps.



Firstly, we assess your website’s structure, number of pages, indexation behavior and link portfolio and conduct a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape that shapes your industry online. We leave no stone unturned, really digging-deep to find out exactly what your competitors are up to. We then benchmark your site’s profile and performance against the competition.



Based on our assessment, we carefully draft a strategy that exposes your competitors’ weaknesses and put a plan in place, to first – close the gap, and then crush the competition. This involves a variety of tactics – from obtaining their back link portfolio, to finding out their most profitable key phrases. We go the extra mile every time, as this is where 95% of other SEO agencies get it all wrong.



As they say, “vision without execution is hallucination”. So we waste no time in putting the wheels in motion and executing our groundbreaking strategy. We put the man-hours in needed to get you phenomenal results. Our intuitive online reports give you 24/7 access to the progress of your campaign. Learn more about our SEO process.
“Ironball Marketing ranked us to the number one spot, for our number one keyword “Custom Aquariums Edmonton ” in less than 8 weeks! Amazing service, consistently interested our business and more to the point, they know their stuff…Happy to have chosen them for our Edmonton SEO Company”
Mike, Urban Oceans

Do browsing consumers find you online?

With 94% of people first searching online before committing to a sale, you can’t ignore the importance of drawing Google traffic. And Google AdWords is not enough. You’re still missing 85% of consumers.

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