Having as many people come to your site as possible is important, but that means nothing if no-one is participating by clicking “Buy Now” or “Subscribe.”

Advertising is a great tool to bring customers to your site, but you may be wasting a lot of your money. A lot of people see that their advertising is paying off the way they thought it would and so they increase the budget of their advertising thinking maybe it’s because they did not spend enough. This is a common misconception. Advertising is good only if you have a great conversion rate. A conversion rate is basically the number of people who are actually interacting with your site after visiting it, ultimately converting them to customers or readers. This best way to make sure this is happening properly is to check your analytics which will have your conversion rate on there. You will have two important numbers on there, your number of guest that have visited your page and the number that you have converted.


Let’s say your number of guest is 2,000 and you have 25 participants, take your 25 participants and divide it by your 2,000 guests and that would leave you with a percentage of 1.25%. This is a bad conversion rate. Even if you have a high conversion rate there is always room for improvement. Optimization may seem daunting and time-consuming but once you have mastered it you can expect a substantial return on your investment.


Conversion rate optimization is all about finding your key audience and what can grab their attention enough to follow through. When first starting out your business it is good to do some research by either doing some surveys or spying on your competition for some relevant SEO keywords.


If you are in deep and stuck when it seems like your customers have dried up you are going to want to check your bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high then your problem lies there. If you have a high bounce rate, you will want to analyze each page to determine the cause. There you will the pages that are deterring people from engagement. You can use your analytics and find out what people are searching for to get to your website, which will give you a good indicate of what your target audience is and what more they want to see. Then go back to these pages and optimize each using more relevant keywords based on what people were searching for.


In summary, if you are having a high amount of guest to your site but you have low profits because of people not buying anything well then researching conversion rate optimization is the best way to get yourself out of that ditch. Not only is it free but it’s also good to look at to see what your key audience is. This is a great way to see what kind of improvements you can make to your site by seeing what engages potential clients.